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Tuesday, May 07 2013

In John chapter 5, there was a man with a debilitating condition. He was a paraplegic, and due to the loss of muscle function, he garnered a spirit of inactivity. However, the Lord used the man's unproductive circumstances, to teach us a lesson on conditions.

You see, conditions are simply catalysts for spiritual growth and maturation. The word condition, from a Latin standpoint, is condicio: a term of agreement. In French, it is condicere: to agree with. Every form of condition projects the idea of agreement. Ergo, whatever your condition is, you have it because you agreed with it (knowingly or unknowingly). So then, when it comes to conditions you either agree, or confront. Do you agree with, or do you confront poverty? Do you agree with, or do you confront racism? Do you agree with, or do you confront perversion? Moreover, if you are not actively confronting an antagonistic condition, you are (via your inactivity) agreeing with it. Confront, and be TRANSLATED!

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