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God has graced the body of Christ with a timely and relative message, that will place power back into the hands of every believer. Speak To The Demons is a spiritual self-help book, written to remind the Body of Christ of their innate ability to loose miracles through vociferous expressions of God's word. A pogrom has been organized by the most diabolical strategist of all ages; therefore, the authorial intent is to destroy the complacencies of the church and encourage it to become spiritually combative. This is a most needful work, as it teaches believers to still the thoughts of their minds, by speaking to the demons. Not in reference to dialogue, but in regards to commanding them to cease their threats in the believers' life. Deliberation and consecration of Speak To The Demons is strongly suggested, as it is a message that comes straight from the throne of God. It is pivotally a map out of any level of difficulty. Therefore, I admonish you to embrace its very premise: Open your mouth and release a miracle!

Author Profile

PASTOR GERALD T. DOLPHUS resides in Houston,TX where he is the founder and Pastor of Continued Praise Cathedral. Through his vibrant ministry he has been a servant of the gospel of Jesus Christ for sixteen years, with over a decade of pastoring. Pastor Dolphus is an accomplished author, motivational speaker, and Chief Executive Officer of Gerald T. Dolphus Ministries. Pastor Dolphus has had the support of his lovely wife: Angela, for more than ten years - sharing two children, Rachel and Christopher. Pastors Gerald and Angela Dolphus are the hosts of Ephphatha, and the Women's T. Conferences held annually in Houston, TX. In addition, Pastor Dolphus serves on the Executive Board of the Rhema Fellowship of Churches, whose headquarters are in Dallas, TX. Pastor Dolphus has shared in churches, conferences, workshops and seminars, stressing human development and spiritual growth; stirring the audience to seek the Lord and to know Him in a more intimate and personal way.


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